Founded to support invention and innovation, ACTIP Corporation has cultivated strong relationships with Research & Development Centers (R&D) and Technical Institutes at all the leading technical universities in Vietnam. ACTIP attorneys actively support these national educational organizations by teaching Intellectual Property law and co-sponsoring Intellectual Property events for university faculty and students who are involved in R&D. ACTIP attorneys lend their experience on a wide range of patent law and intellectual property issues, i.e. patent search, patent transactions, due diligence, Freedom-to-operate (FTO) search, portfolio management, opinions, and counseling.

Through our knowledge transfer outreach at the R&D level, we work directly with academics and inventors to offer advice and suggestions regarding the preparation of a patent’s technical specifications. In many cases, ACTIP patent attorneys are involved in the initial phases of the patent process, from early-stage conceptual development to filing and prosecuting patent applications both nationally and internationally. Before a new patent application is filed, our attorneys are available to lend their experience on a wide range of patent law and intellectual property issues such as, patent search, patent transactions, due diligence, drafting claims, Freedom-to-operate (FTO) search, conducting searches for prior arts, patent portfolio management, defining appropriate boundaries for patent claims, opinions, and patent infringement issues. ACTIP patent attorneys are also instrumental in creating patent technology maps to help university R&D centers appraise new technology, consult on early-stage patent development, prepare legal documentation, file strong patent applications, and advise on patent litigation issues.

ACTIP Corporation has earned its reputation as a knowledgeable and skillful patent agent in many scientific fields at Hanoi University of Sciences and Technology (HUST) and Vietnam’s University of Civil Engineering. At HUST our patent attorneys are often the first people outside the laboratory to learn of new inventions and are able to guide academic inventors. ACTIP Corporation is proud to play a prominent role in the commercialization of Vietnam’s University-based technologies through its knowledge transfer in the field of patents, trademark, and licensing law.