In the past ten years our Patent and Trademark attorneys have filed more than 2000 Patent applications for both national applications and PCT applications, 1500 design applications, over 10,000 trademark applications, and approximately 10,000 trademark searches. Our experience AND success in the field of Intellectual Property law is without parallel in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

With our focused technical and regional experience, ACTIP attorneys are fully engaged in all phases of the patent process; from early-stage conceptual development and experimentation, to completion, filing, and prosecuting applications in both national and international phases, to drafting specifications, drawings and claims, including providing technical advice and analysis as well as, prosecuting and writing opinions against any office action for patent application. At ACTIP Corporation we have the capacity and power to help our clients achieve their patent objectives in South East Asia.

At ACTIP Patent Limited and ACTIP IP Limited, our experienced team of attorneys and scientific experts enable us to knowledgeably analyze both technical and legal issues. All of our client teams include veteran attorneys who specialize in patents, trademarks and litigation. We work hard to present the best case on behalf of our clients.