ACTIP Corporation is proud of the quality of intellectual property legal services we provide. We have a high success rate concerning office action responses in the many South East Asian jurisdictions where we represent clients. This is accomplished by our personalized approach to client needs and business goals. Every response to office action is reviewed by experienced, top-ranked Patent and Trademark attorneys to develop the best solution for each client’s case. Each client is presented with an easy to understand and review synopsis of our response to every office action. We often arrange face-to-face meetings and high-level discussions with important government officials in Patent and Trademark Registry offices to facilitate the understanding of our client’s business.


Patent advice is another area where we deliver client value. ACTIP attorneys and technical experts routinely act as your “inventor’s technical assistant” to remove all mistakes and errors from the invention documents we handle in sectors including semi-conductor, mechanical engineering, physics, metallurgy, computers, chemical engineering, materials science, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry and biotechnology. Our expert technical teams are recognized for their depth of cutting-edge knowledge and practical experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, biochemistry and biotechnology. ACTIP Corporation is one of the few professional Patent Agents in our jurisdictions skilled in re-drafting figures, specifications, claims, and abstract of inventions. Reliability, personal attention, and excellent technical support are our top priorities.