ACTIP Corporation is the only Intellectual Property law firm to offer its clients an unprecedented guarantee of satisfaction with its Intellectual Property legal services. We guarantee clients of ACTIP Corporation each Trademark application filed will be free from mistakes or irregularities concerning the description of goods, checklist of application, and on inherent registrability of mark as well. Trademark office actions due to defects in the associated application prepared by ACTIP Corporation are likewise covered under this guarantee.

All Patent applications filed by ACTIP Corporation are guaranteed to be free from error in the description of invention, drawings, and claims. In the event any defects, mistakes, and/or irregularities are found in our legal work, ACTIP Corporation will revise and correct at our expense. We can proudly make this promise because of the confidence we have in our Patent and Trademark attorneys’ skills, experience, judgment as well as their commitment to delivering high quality, client-focused service.