[1] membership


Myanmar is currently a member of the following international organization:


- World Trade Organization (since November 1994);

- World Intellectual Organization (Since May 2001).


[2] registration


There is effectively no patent law in Myanmar still now giving a proprietary right to a patent for invention or design upon registration and regulating the use and enforcement of patent. Currently, Myanmar has already drafted the new Patent Law that can be enacted in the end of 2013. In this interim period, patent/design may be registered by filing a Declaration of Ownership for Patent  at the office of the Sub-registrar of Deeds and Assurances in Yangon and then followed by Cautionary Notice under section 18(f) of the Registration Act (1946). The registered Patent Declaration of Ownership is considered as "registration".


[3] seniority


Currently, there is no regulation about claiming priority right for patent basing on the earlier patent application filed in other country, however, it is possible to reflect the earlier patent right in the Patent Declaration by claiming seniority from earlier patent application field or registered in other countries.